Hyde's Leather

Hyde + Wickett & Craig

A commitment to quality is fundamental to Hyde's mission. We simply could not settle for wholesale distributors and shady middlemen that didn't share our values. This is why we source our leather directly from Wickett & Craig, an American tannery that has been doing it right for over 150 years! Wickett & Craig doesn't take shortcuts, which is how they consistently provide the highest quality leather without harmful chemicals.

Wickett & Craig's Process


Upon arrival, the North American cattle skins are cleaned and prepped for tanning. Each hide is carefully inspected to ensure it meet's Wickett and Craig's quality standards.

Vegetable Tanning

Cleaned hides are moved onto the tanning floor where they spend fourteen days soaking in Wickett and Craig's proprietary blend of natural tannins, which includes the bark of Mimosa and Quebracho trees. The tanning mixture is monitored closely and replenished frequently to ensure complete absorption.


Freshly tanned hides travel around the Tannery to be stretched, flattened, smoothed, dyed, waxed, oiled, heated, conditioned, using a variety of natural solutions, mixtures and methods.... all of which rely on elbow grease as the 'active ingredient'.

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