On Walden Pond

The site of Thoreau’s cabin, marked off by granite columns
  1. There is a pavement parking lot, almost always full of cars, complete with electric vehicle charging stations and a gatehouse;
  2. It costs $30 to park there (as a non-Massachusetts resident);
  3. There is a sandy ‘beach’ area, with a two-story recreation/visitor’s center, almost always full of people hauling picnic supplies and beach chairs and all the rest of the shit they need to make their day at the pond just like a day at the beach; chairs, towels, umbrellas, toys, food, drinks, etc.;
  4. Planes fly overhead, trains chug through the woods nearby, and teenagers with Bose outdoor speakers play Miley Cyrus’ ‘Party in the USA’ at a volume so high it can be heard across the lake and probably back in Boston too;
  5. It is never truly quiet and you never feel quite alone;
  6. Perhaps most egregiously, and certainly the aspect most out-of-line with Thoreau’s idea of the place, there are PAVED HIKING AND BIKING TRAILS THROUGHOUT THE WOODS
The pond, in all it’s spring glory.