Do my shoes have to match my belt?

Do my shoes have to match my belt? A question as old as time. I'm pretty sure Jesus asked Moses this very thing before he got on the Ark. Now I know you are all expecting some long winded equivocation on time and place that provides no concrete answers to this critical question but I'm here to save the day.

Unless you just won GQ Best Dressed Man 2020 then the answer is yes, your belt should match your shoes. The only caveat to this statement that I will make is that we are talking about leather belts here. Got yourself a Yachtsman from Hyde Belt Company? Then wear whatever the hell shoes you damn please you handsome man. 

Now, on to the reasons why you should always match your belt to your shoes (as close as you can). Shoes, belts and watches are all accessories. They tie your outfit together and can add a bit of personal flair or a classic touch. However, if they are mismatched, what you end up with is a clashing nightmare that indicates to those paying attention that you didn't care enough to spend another 10 seconds this morning looking for the right color belt. Or, maybe you don't have the right belts because Jos A Bank only sells one color and you've been shopping for belts wrong your whole life. 

This is where Hyde comes in. We stock a full range of leather varieties so that you can always have the right belt for the occasion and, critically, your shoes. We took it a step further by introducing the interchangeable buckle, meaning you can even match the accents. This is especially critical in semi-formal and formal attire. Do you think James Bond ever wore a gold buckle with a silver watch and silver horsebits? He most certainly did not. And neither should you.

So there you have it. Yes, your belt should match your shoes. If it doesn't, you're going to end up looking more like Bill Belichick than Tom Brady.